Looking to reduce your energy costs? Mercator Ikuü can help, with a wide range of products that allow you to monitor and manage your power use. The Mercator Ikuü power point range includes built-in power monitoring for each wall plate, allowing you to track energy use in real time and create a usage history. This gives you data on how much energy your home uses and which products are using the most energy. You can then use that information to save on future energy costs (avoiding surprise bills!)

Triple Switch

Even without the power monitoring function, you can manage all Mercator Ikuü appliances from anywhere. This means that no matter where you are, you can turn off products that don’t need to be on, which helps to control your energy use and costs. Smart IR universal remotes can control any IR device (such as AC units and TVs), while power points and adaptors can control non-smart products such as heaters.