Can I connect a mechanical/electronic (non-smart) dimmer to a smart downlight?

It’s safe to do so, but functionality will be affected. Dimmers work by changing the voltage waveform applied to a load which, for compatible products, results in the reduced light output. If the voltage waveform applied to the smart downlight is altered, the downlight can no longer achieve maximum brightness. If the brightness level is then adjusted in the app, the actual brightness will be less than the maximum brightness that can be achieved. Mercator Ikuü does include a dimmer wall plate and in-line dimmer switch should you desire a Mercator Ikuü compatible dimmer switch.

Do Mercator Ikuü wall plates fit in standard wall boxes?

Yes. Whilst Mercator Ikuü products are larger due to the electronic componentry required for app control, they do fit into standard mounting accessories. However, this depends on how the cable enters the mount and how many cables are present. For example, it would be difficult to install 3x 2.5mm² cables within a mounting block entering from the side in a 25mm conduit (even for a non-smart powerpoint). There are extra-large mounting blocks (41mm deep instead of the traditional 34mm) available through the electrical wholesaler channel that would assist in these types of situations. Please refer to the data sheets for the dimensions of each product.

Will Colorbond cladding and other outer metal products affect signal strength?

Typically there will be some effect as the product may not have a clear line of sight back to the router or hub. Mercator Ikuü switchgear is recommended in this instance where the switch is internal of the dwelling and hence not effected.

Will metal stud frames and battens affect the signal strength?

To a degree, metal stud frames and battens will impact the signal strength of Mercator Ikuü (but not completely). Walls and ceilings spaces permanently covered by foil insulation or silver foil sarking will show the greatest detriment of signal. Double brick, Colorbond steel cladding and similar will also affect the signal strength. In these situations, you will need to have a carefully planned design of the Wi-Fi network. Alternatively, Mercator Ikuü Zigbee products use mesh technology, which can provide greater coverage and signal strength.

Can you select the CCT option on a non-smart downlight in the app?

No, only Mercator Ikuü smart lighting products such as downlights, ceiling lights and globes have an adjustable colour temperature that can be used via the app. Non-smart CCT products (such as the Mercator Optica downlight) can’t have this function controlled via the app.

Can you replace Clipsal c-bus in an existing home?

Typically, no. Any switch that is ELV control cabled can’t be retrofitted with Mercator Ikuü, although traditional powerpoints within the home that haven’t been programmed via c-bus can be retrofitted with Mercator Ikuü.

What cable needs to be used? Is there control cabling?

Generally, standard wiring practice applies. Light and power products are wired in the traditional sense. There is no ELV control wiring required.

As a safeguard for 2-way or multiway switching, we recommend you wire them as you always have. However, Mercator ikuü Zigbee switches only need an active cable to the switch. A neutral is not required, nor is the strapper cabling. The 2-way or multiway is programmed via an automation. Click here for more information on how to achieve this.

What is the minimum and maximum load at the switches?

Refer to the individual data sheets for product specifications. These are available on each product page or in the downloads section.

Can the customer reprogram the system, or must an electrician/technician reprogram it?

Mercator Ikuü has been designed to be fully configurable by the end user and adjustable at any time. As the users’ needs change, the system can be attuned to suit. Existing users will also have access to new features as they become available.

What happens in the event of a surge?

The effect on the product depends on the size of the surge. Like most electronics products (such as TVs), in the event of a major lighting strike or similar, the product will likely fail at component level. Surge protection installed at your switchboard is recommended and is designed to protect your valuable electronic equipment.

Is there a non-smart switch gear range to match the smart wiring accessories?

At this stage there aren’t non-smart face plates, but let our customer service team know if this is something you’d be interested in! Our face plates have been designed to be consistent with many other faceplates, and ours are available in gloss white and matt black.  Refer to our trade product page for information on product availability. All Mercator Ikuü faceplates can be installed without being paired to the app, if the client would prefer matching face plates.

How much standby power is consumed by Mercator Ikuü products?

Mercator Ikuü products have a smart module included inside the product, which requires a small amount of power to remain connected to the app. This enables the product to react to app/voice control requests. Mercator Ikuü Wi-Fi products consume around 10 mA (0.01 Watts) per hour, whilst Mercator Ikuü Zigbee products consume around 3 mA (0.003 Watts) per hour.

Is there any extra power or network cabling required for these products?

Bo extra power cabling is required. Network cabling is only required for certain products. If you are using any Mercator Ikuü Zigbee products, you can choose between a hub that is connected via ethernet (people often place them beside each other for convenience), or Wi-Fi (which doesn’t need an ethernet connection). Some of our cameras offer the option to connect via ethernet instead of Wi-Fi should the customer desire. This helps with connection reliability and range. Depending on your Wi-Fi range, you may consider an access point at another location in the home to increase the signal strength.

What happens during a power failure?

Unless there is an alternate source such as a generator, Mercator Ikuü products (like any electrical product), will not be useable until power is restored. Once restored, most Mercator Ikuü power products will default to the previous state prior to the power failure, whilst lighting and security products will default to ‘on’. The desired return state for Mercator Ikuü power points, in-line switches and plug bases can be adjusted within the app by the user.

As the contractor, do I set up the system, or can the customer do it?

Mercator Ikuü can be fully configured by the end consumer click here for our support section. Our customer service team can provide individual assistance. If you want to provide a programming service to your customers, contact with our customer service team to discuss your options.

Can Mercator Ikuü products be retrofit to existing wiring?

Yes, the Mercator Ikuü range is versatile and can be used in various situations including retrofit scenarios. The Mercator Ikuü Zigbee switch range and Wi-Fi/Zigbee switch mechanisms don’t require neutral, and the switch mechanisms also feature a looping terminal for flexible application.

Is there anything that the range is missing?

The range is very expansive when compared to others in the marketplace, including 3 and 4 gang switches. In some cases where there isn’t an exact swap available, there are suitable alternative options. For example, if a five or six gang switch plate is needed, you can use two wall plates side by side or stacked on top of each other. Alternatively, you could use back-of-wall solutions such as an inline switch, an inline dimmer switch or a plug base.

Do I need to do an accreditation course?

No, Mercator Ikuü has been designed so that the hard-wired products can be installed by any licensed electrician. Click here to learn more about installing Mercator Ikuü.

Will a Mercator Ikuü powerpoint fit a standard cut-out?

Yes – Mercator Ikuü face plates will fit a standard powerpoint cut-out. You can use standard plaster clips and readily available mounting accessories. The wiring accessory range also come packaged with a cut-out template included. This is a great inclusion to give to tilers or other trades if they are performing the cut-out in specialty locations.

Do I need to pair the products, or will the client be able to do it?

Our system is designed so that you can commission and then leave. Click here for information on the handover process. If you want more involvement in the setup process, our customer care team will be able to point you in the right direction for resources that will allow you to provide additional services to your client.

Is extra wiring required at rough-in stage?

No, rough-in the same as you would for equivalent non-smart products. The only time rough-in needs to be adjusted is when configuring multi-way switching. Click here to learn more about multi-way switching with Mercator Ikuü. Depending on your product selection, less wiring may be needed.


Can Mercator Ikuü function without internet access?

If your Wi-Fi network is still working but you don’t have incoming internet, you will have limited local control of both Wi-Fi and Zigbee products (provided they have already been paired to the Mercator Ikuü app). You will be able to turn the products on and off, but won’t be able to adjust automations or timers. You also won’t be able to view camera footage until the internet connection is restored.

Can I use a smart switch to control a smart globe?

We don’t recommend this. When the smart switch is off, the smart globe won’t have power, which means it can’t be controlled by the app. This means that you would need to turn the switch on before being able to control your light via the Mercator Ikuü app.

Are there any subscription costs/fees involved?

No. The Mercator Ikuü app is a free download and there are no subscription costs.

I have lots of Mercator Ikuü downlights. How can I control them together?

You can group similar products (such as downlights) for simultaneous control of all products in that group. Click here for more information on grouping Mercator Ikuü products.

How can I make sure Mercator Ikuü products are safe from hacking?

The Mercator Ikuü cloud is protected from access by unauthorised sources via encryption and authentication protocols. It is important that you protect access to your products by ensuring you don’t share your home Wi-Fi network details or your Mercator Ikuü account details. We recommend using a unique password for Mercator Ikuü, one you haven’t used for another type of online login.  Contact our customer service team if you have any questions about how your products and data are secured.

How long does it take to pair a product?

Each product typically takes a few minutes to pair. You can batch-pair products to help speed up the process. Click here to learn more.

Can you pair multiple products at once?

Yes, both Wi-Fi and Zigbee Mercator Ikuü products can be batch paired

Are there software/firmware updates and how do these affect the product? Are there additional costs involved?

We are continually developing our system in terms of hardware specifications, app functionality and product firmware. App and firmware updates are released periodically (with no additional cost) to ensure that security, stability and product features remain up to date. Users will be prompted via the Mercator Ikuü app when an update is available.

What is the warranty on Mercator Ikuü products?

Mercator Ikuü products typically offer a 3-year warranty (in-home warranty for hard-wired products), unless marked otherwise. Refer to the data sheet or product packaging for information on individual product warranties.

If the Wi-Fi is disconnected, do all the products need to be reprogrammed again?

No, once the Wi-Fi is restored the system won’t require reprogramming and the products won’t need to be re-paired. You only need to re-pair or re-program when the Wi-Fi network name or password is changed.

Is Mercator Ikuü compatible with voice control?

The Mercator Ikuü app is compatible with voice control via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Can Mercator Ikuü product be controlled manually?

Many Mercator Ikuü products include a physical switch on the product, which means that you don’t need to use the app every time you want to control your products.

Can I use Mercator Ikuü on a PC or Mac?

At this stage, the Mercator Ikuü app is available for iOS or android devices only.

How far away can a Mercator Ikuü product be from the router whilst maintaining reliable performance? What about outdoor cameras?

Mercator Ikuü Wi-Fi products need to be within Wi-Fi range of your router. This range depends on your router strength and construction of your home. If you are concerned about the connection of a camera, consider one with an ethernet connection. Mercator also has a Wi-Fi extender which can enhance the connection for products that are further away from the router.

Mercator Ikuü Zigbee products connect to a hub, which means that they aren’t restricted by Wi-Fi range. Mercator Ikuü products marked with the Zigbee certified product logo can ‘mesh’ with other Zigbee products to help maintain a strong connection throughout your home.

How long does it take to set up a Mercator Ikuü home automation system?

Pairing each product to the app takes only a few minutes per product. Creating ‘scenes’ or ‘automations’ typically take less than a minute for a basic setup, or a bit longer for a more involved configuration. Once these are done, you don’t need to repeat the process. Mercator Ikuü can be fully configured by the end user , and our customer service team is available for individual assistance.

Will my router support Mercator Ikuü products?

You will need a 2.4GHz WiFi router connected to the internet. Most ISPs provide a suitable router with their standard plans. If you are unsure, check the specifications of the router or contact our customer care team.