Frequently Asked Questions


Q – I have a retail store and would like pricing and availability on a product.

If you have an account with Mercator please contact Mercator Care on 1300 552 255 and select option 1 on the menu. Alternatively log on to the DEALER LOGIN retailer section of our website, where you can also view pricing and stock availability. Please email to request your login information.
If you would like to open an account with Mercator please contact Mercator Care on 1300 552 255 and select option 1 on the menu.

Q – Where can I find the dimensions of a product?

While viewing products on our website, the dimensions are generally in the product description or in the downloadable pdf specification sheet (if available). You can also view the dimensions of all products in our Dealer catalogue. Please click here to view our dealer catalogue online, or contact your local lighting retailer to view a copy in store.

Q – What are Kelvins? What does 3000/4000/5000K mean?

Kelvins refers to the colour temperature (or the colour of light) that is emitted by a light source. It can have a dramatic effect on the functionality or mood of a room. Typically, the lower the kelvin temperature of a light source, the warmer the colour emitted. The higher the kelvin temperature of a light source, the cooler the colour emitted. Lower kelvin temperature light sources are ideal for use in bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms, whereas higher kelvin temperature light sources are typically used in functional areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, etc.

Q – What are lumens?

Lumens (lm) are a measurement of the total quantity of light emitted by a light source. In simple terms, the higher the lumen, the brighter the light will appear.  The efficiency of a light source is usually calculated by dividing the total lumens by the wattage of the product 1800 lm / 22 watts = 81.8 lumens/watt (the higher the lumens/watt = the more efficient the light source).

Q – What is the difference between a 40W incandescent globe and a 42W halogen globe, why does 2 watts matter

A 42W halogen globe is equivalent in light output and heat generated to a 60W incandescent globe (refer to table below). The maximum wattage listed on the rating label of the product is the maximum wattage the product has been tested to and must not be exceeded under any circumstances.

LED CFL Halogen Incandescent
4W 6W 18W 25W
6W 9W 28W 40W
10W 12W 42W 60W
13W 15W 53W 75W
18W 20W 70W 100W

Warm White 3000k – provides a soft warmer light comparable to light provided by traditional incandescent light bulbs.

Cool White 4000k – provides neutral light comparable to office lighting

Daylight 6000k – provides similar to outdoor light, comparable to midday lighting conditions

Q – Will my product be suitable for use in the bathroom?

For your Mercator product to be deemed suitable for use in the bathroom it needs to be rated against the Ingress Protection (IP) Table (sometimes referred to as the International Protection Rating). This rating indicates the products level of protection against the intrusion of solid particles, dust and water. If your product is suitable for use in the bathroom it will have an IP rating on the packaging. This rating will assist your electrician in identifying where within your bathroom the product can be, or should not be installed. For further information please contact Mercator Care on 1300 552 255 and select option 1 on the menu or email us at

Q – What is the Warranty Period on my Product?

For full details on the warranty for your product please refer to the Instruction Manual or Warranty card inside the box. Alternatively, please refer to the Warranty section of this website. The benefits given to consumers in Mercator’s warranty documents are in addition to your other rights and protections under Australian Consumer Law.

Q – Can you clarify the difference between in-home warranty and replacement warranty?

In home warranty applies to products which are required to be installed by a licensed electrician. In-home warranty includes the repair/replacement of the product and the cost of a licensed electrician to effect the repair/replacement.

Replacement-only warranty is where a replacement product only is provided.

Q – Where can I get a copy of a claim form?

For a copy of our Warranty claim form, please visit the WARRANTY section of our website. Alternatively contact the Mercator Warranty Department on 1300 55 22 55 or

Q – Where do I send the claim form to?

Please send your Warranty claim form to:

Mercator Pty Ltd
88 – 100 Kyabram Street
Coolaroo Vic 3048


Mercator Pty Ltd
PO Box 66
Dallas Vic 3047


Q – What remote control is best suited for use with my ceiling fan?

Not all ceiling fans are compatible to be used with remote controls. To identify if your ceiling fan is compatible with a remote control (or which remote control is best to use) refer to the Ceiling fan and Remote control compatibility chart at in the Mercator Dealer Catalogue. Alternatively contact Mercator care on 1300 552 255 and select option 1 on the menu or email us at