Ceiling Fan FAQs & Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets

Frequently Asked Questions

My fan will not operate with the remote control?

  1. Did it come with the fan?
  2. Is it a Mercator remote control?
  3. If NO seek the services of the remote supplier.
  4. If YES check for these things.
  5. Check the dip switches in the hand-piece and the receiver correspond.
  6. If you have an identical remote control check the receiver by using the other hand piece and readjusting the dip switches

My remote is not responding.

  1. Replace the batteries.
  2. If you have another hand piece identical to the one that is not working record the position  of the switches in the hand-piece. Change the hand-piece which is not working to match the one that is working.
  3. Has any liquid been spilt on the remote?
  4. If yes, then advise the customer they will have to purchase a new unit.

* if the fan now works,  direct customer to where they purchased it from or Mercator can  replace.
*  If it does not work same as above (needs replacing)

My remote receiver will not fit into the canopy cover?

All Mercator remote controls will fit into the standard ball joint canopy of any Mercator ceiling fan.

Can I install a remote & wall control on my fan?

A fan CANNOT be installed with both controls. You must choose one or the other.

The fan does not spin at the same speed as the other fan in my room.

Minor variations of speed may be evident between different fans, even in the same model and is not a fault and is not covered by warranty.

I am installing 2 fans in one room can I operate them from 1 control?

YES. Each ceiling fan requires its own remote control unit, how ever as long as you request the fans be set to the same frequency by the electrician you can operate both / all of the fans from one handpiece.

I have two fans operating from different remotes and they are both coming on together.

You need to have your electrician return and set the frequencies to different settings to operate the fans independantly.

Can I purchase extra blades for my fan?

YES, Replacement blades can be purchased thru  your retailer / they will need their model no of fan

I unpacked the ceiling fan box and the glass was broken.

As long as Mercator were notified within 48 hours a replacement can be sent to the retailer at no cost under warranty. Model no is required.

Can you tell me how to wire up the controller & fan?

  1. NO sorry we cannot do this as we are not qualified electricians and can be held liable for any problems or damage that occurs.
  2. customer has to have an electrician to install?
  3. if it the installing electrician it is still NO. we can either pass him onto one of our service agents or get one of our agents to contact them direct.

How do I clean my ceiling fan?

  1. Simply dust the ceiling fan on a regular basis to ensure dust and dirt do not build up on the housing or the blades of the product.
  2. Every now & then a wipe over with a damp cloth ensures that any dust that has stuck is removed.
  3. This maintenance will also help if your are living on coastal areas due to build up of salt.
  4. Do NOT wash / soak blades in water.
  5. Do NOT hose down with water if fan is situated under pergola outside. Electrocution may occur

How do I change the light globe?

  1. Refer to your instruction booklet.
  2. Cant find – What is model no of fan, is it our light fitting?