After linking your Mercator Ikuü account to your Google Home account, you can control your compatible Mercator Ikuü products with Google Assistant. This linking process is a once-off setup process. Click Here for more info.

Products with the on/off function can be controlled with the simple command, ‘Hey Google, turn on [PRODUCT NAME]’. This product name is the name assigned to it in the Mercator Ikuü app. If you change a product’s name in the Mercator Ikuü app, it can take a short period of time to automatically update in Google Home. You can speed this process up by saying, ‘Hey Google, sync devices’.

To help Google Assistant find the correct product easily, choose names that aren’t too similar. This will stop Google Assistant from turning on the wrong product by accident.

You can ask Google Assistant to check whether your product is on or off by saying, ‘Hey Google, is [PRODUCT NAME] on?’ Google Assistant will then confirm if the product is on or off.

Lighting products have additional settings that can be controlled with Google Assistant, such as brightness level, colour temperature (CCT), and colour mode (RGB).

Increase or decrease brightness:

‘Hey Google, turn up [PRODUCT NAME]’: Increases the brightness of the light.

‘Hey Google, set [PRODUCT NAME] to 50%’: Adjusts the brightness level to 50%. You can choose any percentage.

Colour temperature:

‘Hey Google, set [PRODUCT NAME] to warm white’: Adjusts the colour temperature to warm white. You can also select ‘bright white’ or ‘white’.

Colour mode:

‘Hey Google, set [PRODUCT NAME] to [COLOUR]’: Changes the colour of the light. There is a wide range of colours to experiment with, from standard colours such as blue and red to colours like avocado and magenta.