If the load connected to any of the below models is ‘ghosting’ [still on at a low brightness] when the switch is in the off state then it indicates the minimum load requirement has not been met. The video below shows that this can look like.


The above models are a no neutral solution, with a minimum load of 12W on each gang of the plate. To correct this, a load correction device can be connected, as noted in the wiring diagram. If multiple gangs (where applicable) have connected loads < 12W, each of those gangs must have a load correction device connected. This is due to each gang on the product having their own signalling circuitry.

Low power factor LED lights can also affect this control circuitry. Likelihood of ghosting can be reduced by using lighting products with a power factor >0.8.

Alternatively, for lower load requirements, the below products can be used:

  • SSW01G-WIFI (1 gang)
  • SSW01GX-ZB (1 gang)
  • SSW02G-WIFI (2 gang)
  • SSW02GX-ZB (2 gang)
  • SSW03G-WIFI (3 gang)
  • SSW04G-WIFI (4 gang)

See video below demonstrating ‘ghosting’.