Mercator Ikuü has been created to offer from small-scale home automation solutions all the way to larger whole-of-home solutions. Mercator Ikuü Zigbee products provide a versatile yet reliable solution for both but thrives in whole-of-home environments due to the ease of pairing, mesh able properties and low latency performance.

Since our home hub can control up to 50 Mercator Ikuü Zigbee products and our pro hub can control up to 200 Mercator Ikuü Zigbee products the Mercator Ikuü Zigbee range is pitched for a whole-of-home, or commercial, solution without having to worry about router capacities, Wi-Fi extenders or Wi-Fi dead zones.

One press pairing means that by pressing the button on your hub and then putting your product into pairing mode the app automatically finds and configures your new product, ready for use.

Zigbee is a proven wireless communication protocol which means that no matter what technological advancements occur in the next few years, your products will continue to function reliably long-term. All Mercator Ikuü Zigbee wiring accessories are Zigbee 3.0 compliant providing additional peace of mind that the products have been tested by a Zigbee Alliance accredited lab and will work alongside other Zigbee 3.0 compliant product.

The Mercator Ikuü Zigbee wiring accessories range features lower power draws than similar Wi-Fi equivalent product and include no-neutral switchgear solutions providing a versatile solution for both retrofit or new-build projects.

The app is cloud based which provides the reassurance of access to your products, remotely. In the case of internet outages, your products are always controllable via the switch until the internet connection is restored.