Mercator Ikuü includes lots of different choices of wall plates for customers to that their Mercator Ikuü product of choice complements the styling of their home.

Integrated face-plates, available in traditional gloss white are a timeless option. With Wi-Fi and Zigbee plus switches, fan controllers and power points all available to match, this option is versatile yet classic.

Quad Switch image
Quad Switch

Some of our integrated face-plate range are also available in contemporary matt black. Well suited to compliment door or tap hardware – high quality matt finish makes finger marks less noticeable and provides a standout feature.


We also have options if you’d prefer an alternative face-plate that suits your home better than our integrated solutions. Either opt for our switch mechanism, which fits many face plates on the market, or go for an in-line solution instead – inline solutions place the smart componentry within the wall or roof cavity meaning you get the benefit of Mercator Ikuü without compromising on your specific styling – this is commonly used In more traditionally styled homes where modern switchgear may look out of place.

Switch Mechanism image
Switch Mechanism