With Mercator Ikuü you can ensure your climate is controlled throughout the hot summers or cold winters. Since the Mercator Ikuü app can be accessed from anywhere you don’t need to balance energy saving with comfort in your home. With a range of ways Mercator Ikuü can help, you now have choices in how to keep your home comfortable throughout the day, month and year.

There are a range of smart Mercator Ikuü ceiling fans available, click here to view the range.

If you already have a ceiling fan you’d like to control with Mercator Ikuü check out the options below.

The Mercator Ikuü range includes a smart fan controller that can be used to control any AC ceiling fan. It can be retrofitted to an existing AC wall fan controller. The fan controller includes a switch to turn the light on or off, a switch to turn the fan on or off and a switch to adjust the fan speed [3 speeds]. The fan controller can also be controlled via the Mercator Ikuü app. This product needs to be installed by a licensed electrician.

AC Fan Controller image

The Mercator Ikuü range also includes a smart fan remote kit that can be used to control most AC ceiling fans. This can be used to replace an existing ceiling fan remote and receiver so that you can control your existing ceiling fan with Mercator Ikuü.

Universal Ceiling Fan RF Remote Control image