Mercator Ikuü strip lights provide the flexibility of strip lighting with the convenience of smart lighting. Strip lights are ideal for ambient lighting, and can be placed beneath cabinetry, along stairways or skirting, in entertainment units or anywhere that can use lighting to elevate the mood of a room. Like traditional strip lights, Mercator Ikuü strip lights can be used for ambient lighting, but also offer additional features like adjustable brightness, changeable colour temperature and RGB colour mode.

Smart strip lights give you more control of your lighting. You can access the below features via the app:

Dimming: Use the app to adjust the brightness of your strip lights depending on the level of light you require.

CCT control: Adjust from warm white (3000K) to daylight (5700K) in order to create the ideal light depending on the time of day or the task you’re doing.

RGB mode: Select any colour, and then adjust the saturation level of that colour. There are also a variety of effects that you can create (perfect for entertainment units).

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