Mercator Ikuü smart downlights provide greater functionality than conventional downlights, giving you complete control of how your living space looks and feels throughout the day. Using the Mercator Ikuü app, downlights can be turned on and off (individually and within user-defined groups), brightness can be adjusted, and you can select colours from a spectrum of warm white to cool white.

This greater control ensures that your lights are customised to your needs. You can achieve the greatest benefits by using the Mercator Ikuü app, where you can change the colour temperature and brightness of your downlights based on the day or the specific task at hand. Research has also demonstrated that adjusting the colour temperature throughout the day can energise you at the start of the day and provide a calming effect in the evening, click here to read more.

Advantages of smart lighting over non-smart lighting:

  • Individual downlight control: This provides a much higher level of customisation when compared to traditionally wired downlights, which are typically grouped together and controlled by a single switch.
  • Grouping: This function provides simultaneous control of a group of downlights for quick convenience. Click here for more information.
  • Dimming: Each smart downlight has dimming control, which means you can use the app to adjust brightness levels throughout the day.
  • CCT control: select between warm white and daylight. You can adjust the colour temperature throughout the day, or match the colour temperature of other lighting products in the room for consistency.
  • RGB mode: select any colour or choose from a variety of effects modes. Smart downlights can be both fun and functional! (Note: This is only available on selected products.)
  • Increased security: Mercator Ikuü downlights can react to changes in other Mercator Ikuü products. For example, downlights can turn on when a sensor or camera detects motion. Click here for more information on how to set this up.

Click here  to view the Mercator Ikuü downlight range, which includes 70mm and 92mm cut out options.