If you have multiple products of the same type, you can create a ‘group’ to control them as a single unit. This is ideal for product like downlights, where you often have multiple in a room and want to control them all at the same time (such as to increase or decrease the brightness level). Grouping also saves time, allowing you to control lots of devices at once, rather than operating each device individually.

Note: to control different types of devices, see How to Create a Scene. Scenes allow you to control multiple devices of different types as a single unit, which is great when you want to activate multiple appliances in a single room (such as turning on your living room lights and fan simultaneously).

Groups act as a master control, but you can still control each product individually. For example, you can set a group of downlights to one level of brightness, and then adjust an individual downlight within that group to give it a different level of brightness. Groups can be created for products that have the same functionality, such as group of ceiling fans, downlights, wall switches or single adaptors.

How to Create a Group

  1. In the app, choose a product you would like to group and tap on its product icon.
  2. Tap the menu icon () and select Device Settings > Create Group. A list of paired products that can be grouped with this product will appear.
  3. Select the devices you want to group together, and tap ‘confirm’.
  4. Create a name for the group and tap ‘save’.

Once you have created your group, you can control it the same way you would control an individual product. Groups can also be controlled as part of a scene or automation, by simply adding them to a scene or automation in the same way you would add an individual product action.

Changing Group Settings

You can adjust the settings of a group by tapping on the menu icon (when in the group) at the top right-hand corner of the screen and selecting ‘device settings’. From here, you can adjust the following settings:

Group Name: Alter the name of the group.

Group Location: change the room that the group is assigned to.

Manage Group Device: Add or remove devices from the group.

Share Group: Share access to the group with another Mercator Ikuü account.

Dismiss Group: Delete the group. (Note: this won’t un-pair the products)