Installation with Mercator Ikuü is easy. All Mercator Ikuü products have been designed in collaboration with Australian contractors, ensuring that the range is fit for purpose and can withstand Australian conditions. The range is also backed by a 3 year in-home warranty which gives both the electrician and homeowner peace of mind.

The switchgear fits a standard cut-out size, and is the same size as other popular products that currently exist in the marketplace. This means that rough in, cut out and fit off can be performed conventionally. Any licensed electrician can install Mercator Ikuü (no expensive special training or wiring required!) with no additional time on-site.

In-wall solutions, such as a plug base or in-line switch, are available for customers who want to keep an alternative switchgear or face plate. They also don’t require any extra wiring. This gives the customer greater control over their products and the flexibility to adjust how their products work with their evolving needs. For example, an exhaust fan can be retrofit with an in-line switch so that the customer can turn that fan on and off via the app, as well as access schedules and timers. This is better than standard in-wall or difficult-to-access digital and analogue hardwired timers, which require on-site work to adjust post-commission.

Mercator Ikuü is designed to be a retrofit solution that’s suitable for tough Australian conditions, and comes with the following features:

  • Allowances for standard cable size
  • No-neutral switch options
  • Terminals sized relative to their applications, with a generous diameter
  • Face plates that can be connected by various mounting accessories (such as standard wall clips and stud wall brackets)
  • Cut-outs as per conventional face plates
  • UV-stabilised construction that prevents yellowing over time
  • Products that are available in gloss white and matt black (refer to product range for availability)
  • Quality components for long-term surety (protected by 3-year in-home warranty) for electrician peace of mind and end-consumer satisfaction
  • Australian based engineering and longevity testing to continually inform the product evolution

Mercator Ikuü has been specifically designed to be scalable, so that customers can gain value whether they have one product or many in their home. As such, Mercator Ikuü can be specified into projects on any scale.

Mercator Ikuü products can typically be wired conventionally, but multi-way switching is treated differently. The Mercator Ikuü switch range features advanced electronic touch capacitive switches, which don’t allow for a traditional 2-way configuration. However, customers can still control products in a multi-way configuration using the Mercator Ikuü app, without needing to run strapper or neutral cable. To use a Mercator Ikuü light switch in a multi-way configuration, the switch needs to be powered (active and neutral, if applicable) but have no load connected to the switch terminal. The primary switch then needs to be connected as usual and the secondary switches need to be powered (without load). These will be connected by an automation within the Mercator Ikuü app. Click here for steps on how to do this.