The below products are in-wall solutions and include a button on the inline switch itself to put it into pairing mode. As these products are not accessible after installation to a non-electrician we’ve included a feature that allows the end-customer to use the isolating wall switch to also put it into pairing mode.

If the switch is turned ON then OFF again within 5 seconds, 3 times the product will go into pairing mode. It is possible that a customer may, by accident, put the product into pairing mode if the above is done over a period of time. It is recommended that if using the isolating switch, ensure that it is left ON for at least 5 seconds before it is turned OFF. It is not possible to reset the count (requires 3) in the case that the product is accidently turned ON then OFF again within 5 seconds.

  • SISW01
  • SISWD01

If you accidently put the product into pairing mode it can easily be re-paired. For zigbee products, simply the button on the side of your hub (don’t press and hold) and then refresh your Mercator Ikuü device list. For Wi-Fi products, tap on + > add device > auto scan before following the prompts on-screen (enabling the Mercator Ikuü app access to bluetooth will make it easier to pair).

Pairing instructions for products can be found here