The below listed hardwired motion sensor products do not retain the adjusted device settings in the case of power failure/the isolating switch being turned off. When this happens the product will revert to the default settings for motion and lux sensitivity, and duration. They can be adjusted in the app and will re retained by the device as long as it is powered. To avoid having to reset these each time in the case of power being disconnected from the unit you can set an automation so that the product regularly is reset to your preferred settings. This means that if there is an interruption to the power supply, the device will revert to your personal settings daily without you having to reset them in the app each time.


Follow the below steps to create this automation:

  • Select the settings gear from the Mercator Ikuü dashboard (lower left) and then ‘+’
  • Select ‘Schedule’
  • Adjust the repeat bar so that all days of the week are selected
  • Set a time > ‘next’ > ‘activate a device’
  • Choose your sensor from the device list and then select ‘sensitivity’
  • Use the bar to set your preferred sensitivity then ‘save’
  • Select ‘duration’ then use the bar to set your preferred duration then ‘save’
  • Select ‘light level’ then use the bar to set your preferred lux sensitivity, then ‘save’
  • Tap ‘next’ at the top right, then review and ‘save’ the automation

The automation should look similar to the below. To increase the frequency that the automation triggers open the automation and then tap the ‘+’ beside If then add an additional schedule, save after adding however many times you want the automation to trigger.