The no-neutral switches may exhibit unexpected behaviour when connected to certain soft starting and low power loads (e.g. LED light strips, motor soft starters, smart lights, inrush current protection etc.)

Applicable products:



Ensure that each gang meets the minimum load requirement of 12W. It is recommended to use products with a power factor greater than 0.9.

If a soft-starting load is attached, the following options will stabilise the switch:

  • Connect multiple load correction devices to that gang as shown in the wiring instructions
  • Connect a non-soft starting load
  • Increase speed of start-up of the load (where possible)

If multiple gangs have soft-starting loads, the above solution is only needed on one of the gangs

It is not recommended to attach smart lights as a load to Mercator Ikuü wiring accessories.

Observed behaviour is likely to match the below video, but the speed at which the indicators flash may vary to this.