If your Mercator Ikuü light switches (see below model list) have randomly become unresponsive (switch indicators OFF) they may have been affected by a transient such as:

  • power outage, brown-out or storm
  • Alternative power source switching, such as solar, wind, battery etc.
  • Line filters and signal conditioners

Relevant products:


Solution: where safe to do so, reset the breaker that is connected to the affected product to restart it.

If symptoms persist, we recommend using a with-neutral solution such as the below products as they are less sensitive to such conditions.

  • 1 gang: SSW01G-WIFI, SSW01GX-ZB, SSW01GN-ZB
  • 2 gang: SSW02G-WIFI, SSW02GX-ZB, SSW02GN-ZB
  • 3 gang: SSW03G-WIFI, SSW03GN-ZB
  • 4 gang: SSW04G-WIFI, SSW04GN-ZB