Sharing access to your Mercator Ikuü products is easy, and there are a few different ways that you can do it. Mercator Ikuü is a cloud-based platform, which means that product information is stored in the cloud and not on your local device. This makes it easy to share access between different devices and accounts. In the case of a lost or damaged phone or tablet, you can simply log in to your Mercator Ikuü account on any iOS or android device with the Ikuü app (free download) and continue to control your products without losing any of your settings.

Option 1: Share login details

The simplest way to share access to your products is to log in to the Mercator Ikuü app on a different device using your username and password. You can have multiple devices (phones or tablets) logged into the same account at the same time. This also means that anyone logged into this account can add or delete products, change the password, or change any scenes or automations.

Option 2: Share access with another Mercator Ikuü account

This is the most secure way to share access to your products, as it lets you control the level of access each user has. To do this, each user needs to create a Mercator Ikuü account (this needs to be done before the location can be shared with the new account).

From the account of the user who already has the products paired (or ‘homeowner’), do the following:

  1. tap the menu icon () and choose ‘home management’.
  2. Select the location you would like to share.
  3. Tap ‘add member’.
  1. Enter a reference name for their account as well as their account username.
  2. Tap ‘family role’ to adjust the level of access. Refer to the below table for the different access levels.
Access Home Owner Administrator User
Delete Location
(For All Users)
Yes No No
Delete Location
(From Own List)
Yes Yes Yes
Add/Remove Members Yes Yes (Users Only) No
Adjust Other User
Access Level
Yes No No
Pair or Delete
Yes Yes Yes
Create New Scenes
and Automations
Yes Yes No
Use Products and
Yes Yes Yes
Change Password Yes Yes Yes
  1. Tap ‘save’.
  1. The new member will receive a notification through the app asking them whether they would like to accept access to the new location. The new location will appear in their location list. Note: In order to access the new location, the new member might need to tap on the location bar.