After linking your Mercator Ikuü account to your Amazon Alexa account, you can control your compatible Mercator Ikuü products with Amazon Alexa. This linking process is a once-off setup process. Click here for more info.

To activate a scene, use the simple command, ‘Alexa, turn on [SCENE NAME]’. The scene name is the name assigned to it in the Mercator Ikuü app. To change the name of a scene, open Settings () and tap on the 3 dots beside the scene. If you change the scene’s name in the Mercator Ikuü app, it can take a short period of time to automatically update in Alexa. You can speed this process up by saying, ‘Alexa, discover devices’.

To help Alexa find the correct scene easily, choosing scene names that aren’t too similar. This will stop Alexa from performing the wrong action by accident.

To choose your own phrase to trigger your Mercator Ikuü scene, create an Alexa routine. Click here to learn how to do this. To activate an individual product instead of a scene, click here.