Motion sensors provide great utility to home owners and businesses alike as they provide improved home security and safety as well as being convenient and saving energy. Smart sensors provide the exact same advantages, but have much greater control by the end-user compared to traditional options. With the adjustable settings typically being dials located on the physical product which is often in difficult to reach areas, and the circuit switch for the product only being accessible when the user is home, providing app access to these aspects increase end-user utility drastically.

Wiring is completed identically to a conventional motion sensor, meaning no additional work involved during installation, but a better end-user experience. This product is available as an outdoor or indoor unit.

The app provides the end-user with control over the sensor state (off, auto or manual over-ride) as well as adjustments to the sensor sensitivity, minimum light level and light-on duration. These can be adjusted at any time by the user as their needs change over time.

There is even a 1 hour countdown option where the light will remain on for one hour, regardless of motion detection, and then revert to auto sensor mode.

You can have the sensor change modes change automatically or have other Mercator Ikuü devices turn on or off in response to the sensor detecting motion by using the automation section of the Mercator Ikuü app.