Mercator Ikuü provides many choices for making your smart home match your lifestyle, and how you want your home to function. With such a wide range, Mercator Ikuü is sure to be able to meet your needs, and perhaps give you some new ideas about how home automation can be used in your home.

To help you decide how to go about creating your Mercator Ikuü home, below are some ideas on the benefits of different types of products and how they can interact together for a whole-of-home solution unique to you. It is typically not recommended to mix smart lighting and smart wiring accessories together using conventional wiring – a product needs to be powered in order to be controlled via the app and if a smart light is controlled directly by a smart switch this will cause the light to not always be able to connect to the app. For information on how to have a smart switch control a smart light click here.

Smart wiring accessories: The Mercator Ikuü wiring accessories range is ideal for people who want true flexibility in how they use their products. Since our wiring accessories can be installed in exactly the same way, with the same type of lights/appliances and the same amount of time, as conventional switches or power points; it is an easy swap during a retrofit, renovation or new-build. For information on the installation process of Mercator Ikuü click here. The advantage of having smart switches is that you can still use them in the same way you use a normal switch, but have the advantage of app control – including scheduling, scenes and automation – and voice control. This flexibility makes the range ideally suited to family or work situations where not everyone wants to use an app or voice control for the products.

Triple Switch

Smart lighting: The Mercator Ikuü lighting collection is highly beneficial for people who want greater control over their lighting and includes ceiling lights, downlights, outdoor lighting and globes amongst its range. New research into the effects of artificial lighting shows that different colour temperatures can influence mood and productivity. Natural light varies in colour temperature throughout the day (between cooler whites and warmer whites), and there are benefits to having artificial lights that follow these natural light cycles. This is being explored in many areas as a way to improve and maximise people’s mood, productivity and sleep cycles. With all of the Mercator Ikuü lighting range being app dimmable, most having variable colour temperature and many having RGB [full colour spectrum] functionality – there is sure to be a product to suit your needs.

Increasingly smart strip lights are being used for coffered ceilings, undercabinet lighting, stairwell illumination, wardrobe backlighting and beneath kitchen benchtops. All of the Mercator Ikuü smart lighting products can be grouped for simultaneous control, or set an automation so that they turn on automatically, to your preferred light setting, to suit your needs. Mercator Ikuü also include a range of sensors that can be used to trigger your lighting, meaning hands-free control and no more stumbling in the dark fumbling for a switch. Want a smart switch to control your smart lighting? Click here for more information.

Smart air movement: The Mercator Ikuü range includes multiple options for implementing smart climate control into your home. With energy efficient DC ceiling fans that natively connect to Mercator Ikuü as well as wall controllers for AC fans or a universal ceiling fan remote kit if you’d prefer a remote kit; Mercator Ikuü has your climate control covered for summer and winter. Mercator Ikuü also includes an environmental sensor so that you can automate your climate so that you are always comfortable in your home, but are not wasting energy.

Smart Security: The Mercator Ikuü range includes security product to give you the peace of mind of knowing exactly what is happening in your home, when you are away. You can automate your cameras so that when motion is detected another Mercator Ikuü product responds, such as a light. You can also record footage so that you can refer to it if needed, or just keep an eye on your pets throughout the day.

For questions on the Mercator Ikuü product range please check out the remainder of our website or contact our customer service team