Mercator Ikuü cameras are the perfect way to keep an eye on your home no matter where you are. The broad range is designed to accommodate different rooms and purposes, and each camera has a variety of great features, such as:

View Live Footage: View your home in real time. This is perfect for keeping an eye on pets while you’re away.

Playback Previous Footage: If an SD card is equipped, you can record footage and save this footage for later reference.

2-Way Audio: Speak to someone through the camera. This is perfect for when someone delivers a package while you aren’t home.

Receive alerts when motion is detected: If the camera detects movement, an optional alert will be sent to your phone. This is a great option for peace of mind while you’re not at home. To learn how to adjust the alerts your camera provides, click here.

Mercator Ikuü cameras can also interact with your other Mercator Ikuü products (one of the great benefits of having your smart products linked together through a single app). This means that when your camera detects motion, other product actions can automatically trigger (such as lights turning on). To learn how your camera or video doorbell can automatically trigger other Mercator Ikuü products, click here.

There are a few different types of cameras available to suit your individual needs.

Stationary Cameras: The Discreet Option

Stationary cameras have various mounting options that let you discreetly position your camera based on where it’s needed. The camera heads are manually adjustable, so that they can be positioned anywhere without being obtrusive.

Pan-and-Tilt Cameras: Great for Open Areas

Pan-and-tilt cameras are ideal for open plan living areas and wider parts of your home. These cameras have adjustment options within the app for vertical and horizontal orientation, which allows for a greater scope of observation.

Video Doorbells: See Who’s Visiting

Video doorbells allow you to see visitors at your door, whether you are in the living room, the office, or halfway around the world. Each video doorbell is weatherproof and features all of the functions of other Mercator Ikuü cameras while also providing alerts when the doorbell is pressed.

Want to see the complete Mercator Ikuü camera range? Click here.