Since Mercator Ikuü can be accessed from anywhere you don’t need to balance energy saving and comfort in your home. With a range of ways Mercator Ikuü can help, you have choices in how to keep your home comfortable throughout the day, month and year.

Controlling split system air conditioning units

The Mercator Ikuü range includes a smart universal remote which can be used to control any infrared device including TV’s, stereo equipment and most air conditioning split systems. The Mercator Ikuü remote is able to replicate the signal that is sent to your air conditioner by its manufacture-supplied remote and can be controlled via the app – this means that you can turn your air conditioner on or off, adjust the modes or set the temperature from your couch or whilst you are away from home. Since the universal remote is replicating the codes being sent from the remote to the air con when the various buttons are pressed the Mercator Ikuü smart remote will only be able to provide the same level of functionality as the manufacture supplied remote.

With a wide catalogue of included brands of air conditioners plus the option to use your original remote to ‘teach’ the Mercator Ikuü remote, any air conditioner with an infrared remote should be compatible with the Mercator Ikuü remote. The Mercator Ikuü remote needs to be positioned to be within line-of-sight of the air-con unit.

Universal IR Remote with Temperature & Humidity Sensor image

The Mercator Ikuü infrared remote also includes an in-built temperature sensor. This means that you can know the exact temperature and humidity within your room when you are away from home to determine whether you’d like to turn your air-con on or off. Want help with this? Click here.

Controlling ceiling fans

Check out ‘controlling your ceiling fan using Mercator Ikuü’ for information on controlling your ceiling fan with Mercator Ikuü.

Controlling Portable cooling units

The Mercator Ikuü range includes a smart single adaptor with power meter that can be used to control a device such as a portable cooler. To check whether your appliance will work with the Mercator Ikuü single adaptor connect your appliance to a normal power point and get the appliance working as desired. Turn it off at the wall and leave it for at least 30 seconds. Turn it back on and see whether it has returned to the mode you’d set before turning it off. If it hasn’t gone into a standby mode a Mercator Ikuü single adaptor will be able to control this appliance. This means that you can use the Mercator Ikuü app to turn the unit on or off when it is connected to the single adaptor. With an included power meter you can not only check whether your appliance is on or off via the Mercator Ikuü app, you can also see the current and historical power usage.

Single Adapter image

With a range of timer and scheduling options available within the Mercator Ikuü app you can set your appliance to turn on or off to suit your needs.