Many smart home platforms restrict product choice, leaving customers with limited capacity to personalise their home simply because they want the many benefits that smart home can provide. Mercator Ikuü wiring accessories are an ideal solution to this problem as customers can select lighting, air movement and power devices from any standard range and know that Mercator Ikuü can work with those products so that the end-result is a home that looks exactly how the customer desires but provides the long-term benefits of smart home.

Mercator Ikuü integrated face plates are an ideal foray into home automation as they can be used in the same way switches are normally used, by the switch! No need to get your phone or app out just to turn the light switch on. These can be very beneficial in family or commercial situations where all users don’t want to use an app or rely on voice control commands. Mercator Ikuü switches provide the comfort of traditional product control whilst also being controllable via the app or voice control. You can even set automations so that your home functions specific to your needs, without you needing to open the app. Click here to see the full range of switches and power points for your customer.

Mercator Ikuü faceplates can be installed in the same way that non-smart switches are. Cut-out templates are included with each faceplate. There are a range of no-neutral products to assist with retrofit situations or locations where neutral is not present at the switch. Installation has been designed based upon Australian trade practise. Mercator Ikuü can be installed by any certified electrician with an easy customer hand-over process to ensure contractors are able to complete projects in a timely manner and customers have all the support they need to support their Mercator Ikuü system, long-term.

Not sure what smart product suits your client? Click here to help determine the best way to use Mercator Ikuü for your client.