When originally designing Mercator Ikuü we wanted a system that catered to users who wanted one or two products, all the way to full whole of home solutions or small-scale commercial settings. We wanted to provide the flexibility of buying into a platform that would be scalable over time as smart home in Australia grows and more people are interested in the benefit smart product provides.

For users who want a whole-of-home solution Mercator Ikuü makes this easy as the broad range means the user doesn’t need to utilise multiple apps, this is particularly useful for those who are less technically confident. Each product can influence the actions’ of others, see below some examples of how this can be advantageous through automation natively within the Mercator Ikuü app:

  • A contact sensor on a door can trigger lights to turn on after sunset so that you don’t need to fumble for light switches in the dark
  • Motion sensors can be used for security devices to trigger alerts, camera recording or lights when motion is detected at certain times of the day, or when you are away, to alert to and deter intruders
  • Environmental sensors can be used to regulate home temperature so that you only heat or cool your home when you need it to balance energy bills with comfort
  • Set a scene where everything turns off when you are leaving for the day so that you don’t need to check each item throughout the home
  • Group like products, such as a bank of downlights or all your ceiling fans, so that you can control them simultaneously for easy, consistent lighting
  • Use sunset/sunrise as a trigger for any of your products

The Mercator Ikuü app is primed for family use, with access of devices easily shared amongst family members. With compatibility of most products with voice control it makes it flexible for use both when at home and away.

Mercator Ikuü has a consistent design throughout the app so that once you have used one Mercator Ikuü product, the rest are familiar – making the learning process much quicker. We have dedicated, highly trained support on-hand at all stages of your Mercator Ikuü journey to support users through whatever configuration you’d like to achieve so that Mercator Ikuü can match your needs. Click here to get into contact with us.