Once the Mercator Ikuü products have been installed and the electrical installation has been certified, the customer can start to go ahead with their pairing and configuration. Mercator Ikuü empowers the end consumer by making this a very easy process to give them ownership of the system as well as reduce the amount of time the contractor is required on-site. This also removes any troubleshooting issues surrounding networking or personal preferences that can take time for the contractor to implement which may not have been considered in the initial job quote.

All Mercator Ikuü products include pairing instructions in the packaging, but these can also be found in the downloads section, or in the pairing overview. The website is the best place to direct the customer, the below QR code will take the customer to our welcome page, this is something that you can provide to the customer when you leave as part of the hand-over process.

Our customer service team are trained in how to support customers through anything they may require, both during the initial set-up and long term product use – get them into contact with us for any enquiries they may have.

Our team is continually reviewing how we can evolve Mercator Ikuü to provide the best service to our end users so we frequently release app and firmware updates that increase the way users can use their products – we provide the latest information on this website.