Here at Mercator Ikuü we value you as our customer and want to support you through your home automation journey. We are continually evaluating how we can improve our platform and regularly provide app and firmware updates to ensure we are able to offer you a full home automation solution.

Home automation can be a bit overwhelming, but we have invested in our app development to ensure a seamless, evolving experience as well as provide regular intensive training sessions for our customer care team so that they can help you set up your Mercator Ikuü system to your exact requirements, and help you adjust those settings as your needs change over timer.

Visit our support page for FAQ’s, guides and downloads. Below are some topics to help get you started. Please contact us if you have any queries, or ideas on how we can improve Mercator Ikuü.

Product: With such a broad range of products across many different categories you can be certain to find what suits your home.

Installation: All of our electrician install products such as wiring accessories, lighting and air movement products can be easily installed by any licensed electrician, without the need for any additional training. It takes the same amount of time as a non-smart equivalent product, so no extra labour costs.

Pairing: for an over-view of how to connect your products to the app. You can also download the pairing instructions for each product from their product page, or the downloads section.

Grouping: for simultaneous control of products. This means that you can easily have all the lights set to the same brightness or colour temperature, without having to control each individually. You will always be able to control each light individually if desired as well. 

Scenes: have any number of products do any number of things, simply at the tap of a button, or with a single voice command (requires Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa).

Automations: have any number of products do any number of things, automatically. With Mercator Ikuü you don’t need to get your phone out for everything.

Voice control:  Many of our products are compatible with voice control via either Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, meaning you can control them via voice, as well as have them interact with other Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa functions such as routines.

Connection choices: To provide the ultimate flexibility for a small set-up all the way to a full-home configuration, or commercial settings, Mercator Ikuü offers Zigbee or Wi-Fi product choices. Products will be able to work together within the Mercator Ikuü app regardless of whether they are Zigbee or Wi-Fi, meaning you aren’t locked in.

Contact us! Click here to get into contact with us at any time to support you on your Mercator Ikuü smart home journey.