There are many ways Mercator Ikuü can be easily retrofit during other projects to help provided added value to the client as well as reinforce the client-contractor relationship. Since Mercator Ikuü has been designed to be entirely scalable and easy to install, a client can gain great value from a single product installation specific to their needs. Often this is a good way for clients’ to be introduced to smart without having to make a large investment, and then since Mercator Ikuü can be scalable there is greater opportunity for further work longer-term. For all support simply complete our handover process and the client will be able to work with our dedicated customer service team for long-term support.

Universal IR remote

This product can be used to replicate any IR remote, such as a split system air-conditioner unit, heating system that utilises IR remotes or general stereo equipment. There is a cloud library of remote codes, but if your remote isn’t in the library you can use your existing remote to ‘teach’ the new remote the codes in a one-off set-up process.

Universal IR Remote with Temperature & Humidity Sensor image
Universal IR Remote with Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Ceiling fan controller

This controller can be used to retrofit to any existing AC ceiling fan or can be bundled with a new non-smart AC ceiling fan installation. These wall controllers provide the same functionality via the wall controller [fan on/off, light on/off, fan speeds 1-3], but also provides the added value of being able to use the app to control the fans [set count-down timers, schedule for them to turn on and off as required or use voice control]. They can also be coupled with our environmental sensor so that they turn on or off at a particular temperature or humidity via an automation. Installation process of the wall controller is identical to a non-smart equivalent.

AC Fan Controller image
AC Fan Controller

Motion sensor

This motion sensor can be retrofit or used in place of any standard motion sensor. These sensors provide the same functionality in terms of adjustable lux triggers, sensitivity and time period (via the app, prior to install the product functions to factory defaults), but also provides the added value of being to use the app to control the above adjustable settings without needing to access the product directly. It also provides the customer the option of using the app to switch between over-ride on, auto sensor mode or off. This can be done manually via the app or set to a schedule. For more information on the benefits of smart sensors over conventional sensors click here. This unit is also available as an indoor unit.

IP65 180° Motion Detector image
IP65 180° Motion Detector