The Mercator Ikuü range has been formulated specifically to provide the electrical contractor with broad scope opportunities for incorporating smart home into their proposal. The breadth of range was carefully considered to provide flexibility to cater to the various customer requirements that the contractor may encounter, both now and moving forward long-term.

In order to provide flexibility in application, Mercator Ikuü is a dual-protocol platform – it offers both a Wi-Fi and a Zigbee product range. Each range has been specifically tailored to match a designated customer, so it is easy to decide which protocol is best suited to each client. Regardless of which protocol is selected, any licensed electrician can install the product without any accreditation – all programming is completed by the end-user enabling an easy hand-over process. Both the protocols function within the same app, so a client could easily have a combination of Zigbee and Wi-Fi product in their home functioning cohesively enabling a fully scalable solution.

Not sure which option is best for you or your customer based on the below information? Click here to use our protocol selection tool which recommends a protocol for you.

  • Ideal for clients who intend to have many products and don’t want to worry about network configurations
  • Easy one-press pairing
  • Requires a hub, which means no networking hassles and reduced interference challenges
  • Suits domestic and commercial settings
  • Many of the Zigbee wiring accessories are a no-neutral solution, making it ideal for retrofit situations
  • Mercator is a member of the Zigbee Alliance, and offers many Zigbee 3.0 compliant products
  • For more information about Zigbee click here
  • Ideal for clients who are new to smart home and don’t have many products
  • Doesn’t require a hub, lower cost to entry
  • Wi-Fi is a familiar and well-known connection process for the vast majority of users
  • Networking capacity for smart devices is rapidly developing over time, meaning more and more devices can connect without additional networking infrastructure
  • Ideal for domestic settings, can function commercially with adequate networking infrastructure [some commercial clients prefer Wi-Fi due to the greater control of device accesses]
  • For more information about Wi-Fi click here