This is the affordable luxury your customer has been waiting for! Mercator Ikuü is a home automation system that adds convenience and comfort to everyday living. The Mercator Ikuü range is a complete whole-of-home solution, created with wiring accessories at its core and the support of a complete suite of products that ensures value to customers.

Mercator Ikuü wiring accessories are designed to fit standard mounting accessories and feature large terminal sizes, making installation easy and with no additional wiring needed. Touch switches in particular are a versatile solution that enable control via touch, voice or the app. Existing switches and power outlets can be easily retrofit with Mercator Ikuü products, with features such as with/without neutral options, as well as in-wall solutions for the versatility to keep existing wall plates. Mercator Ikuü wiring accessories products also include a 3-year in-home warranty for peace of mind. For more information on the installation of Mercator Ikuü click here.

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Mercator Ikuü is a scalable system with built-in retrofit capabilities, allowing both new and existing homes to build upon their Mercator Ikuü system over time. This makes it the ideal solution whether customers want a single smart product or a whole-of home solution, and in both cases you will receive the exceptional quality and support that Mercator Ikuü offers.

Products are available with either Wi-Fi or Zigbee-based communications protocols, with the choice based on the needs of the customer. The Mercator Ikuü Wi-Fi range is perfect for simple home automation requirements or for getting started with just a few products, and there’s no requirement to purchase a hub. The Mercator Ikuü Zigbee range will suit customers who have more products and want the benefits of local control (not reliant on internet). The Zigbee option uses a hub, which makes networking easier and means that you don’t need to worry about Wi-Fi distance. Many brands only provide one protocol choice, restricting the ability of customers to utilise their system in a single app, and creating a mix of systems that don’t work collaboratively. With Mercator Ikuü, Zigbee and Wi-Fi products appear in the app in the same way, and can interact together for simultaneous control via scenes or automation.

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